Groundhog Day means Time for Change

Some days make me feel like Bill Murray. All you have to do, is to roll with it and then you get sucked in and you wake up to the same day all over again.

I believe Groundhog Days have their purpose. It is the tipping point that help you realise that you need to change. Use this time to review your lifeplan and figure out what is your path and how to get out of it.

If you don't however take any action, one day you wake up and you say, screw that, I've had enough of this, I'm not doing this anymore.

There is a short burst of excitement, anger, relief, freedom and as the next minute sets in, you're back to your ways, following your routine, as your psycho-cybernetic mechanism and your amygdala in your brain take over and bring you back in your comfort zone. The minute you decide to change something, it has to be followed by massive action, as Tony Robbins says, β€œThe path to success is to take massive, determined action.”

Sometimes, we have to seek for external stimuli and change our perception of reality, defined by new constants and co-ordinates, that are not limited by our current circumstances or our lack of imagination. Rewiring your brain is essential.

The Experiment

We have a super computer between our ears and we just need to ask it questions and let it do its thing. One of my favourite characters, that inspire me and help me get out of my comfort zone is Tim Ferriss. Tim likes to deconstruct systems and figure out what is the 20% portion that produces 80% of the results. He has started a new TV show called the Tim Ferriss Experiment and he has 5 days to learn a new skill like drumming. How long do you need to learn to play the drums?

If Tim can do it, everyone can do it.

It most often takes the change of perspective, as Seth Godin describes it here, what you see as being far-fetched, way out of your comfort zone, this is something that is not visible to the outside world and thus, you need to keep your calm and carry on.

Find someone who inspires you and learn from them.