Separation From Ego

I wish I could fly, but I don’t know how.

I wish I had wings but it doesn’t matter now, there isn’t something I can do.

My life has been about crawling around.

I look myself in the mirror and think I see a pair of wings, but then my friend the ego tells me, there isn’t such a thing.

You are to stay down here and crawl and maybe someday you will be at the top, as and when I say so.

Don’t listen to your heart, it doesn’t know how to make you greater than everyone else. I can show you the way. Follow me and you will be someone to be remembered for their fortune and power.

You are nothing without me. You are lost. I am the way to your happiness. I am the path. Listen to me and everyone will respect you and fear you. Listen to your heart and you will be a beggar.

The more I keep listening to you, the more I want to spread my wings and fly.

I know you served your purpose all this time and I want to thank you for taking me this far. The time has come for me to fly and I have to let you go, as you have been sitting on my wings and this can no longer be so.

Goodbye, my friend the Ego.

The time has come for me to serve the world. In doing so, I won’t be serving you anymore.

I am sure our paths will cross again, but don’t look for me crawling in the mud, I will be watching from above.

The wings I have, I intent to use, not so that I can be above all the people down below, but for them to see their wings reflected in my wings and let their egos go.
— Peter Skaronis