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It is in your moments of decision that your destiny is shaped.
— Tony Robbins

I work with businesses and individuals to help them deal with email overload, refine and improve the ways in which they get things done, and make visible progress towards their goals and their life.



The skills you build early in your career set you up for success or failure later on, but most people neglect training themselves to be more productive.

My coaching focuses on applied skills – I work with my clients to help them learn necessary skills, apply those skills consistently, and get immediate impact. Even more importantly, I act as a sounding board and provide an outside perspective for the real situations that my clients need to deal with.

For individuals working at any level within a company or running their own businesses.

Through Individual Coaching I help my clients build the daily habits they need to get more done with their time, deal with email overload, deliver more impactful work, and make visible progress towards their goals.

Text-based coaching allows my clients to interact with me on a daily basis through the website / app (it’s like having a coach in your pocket!), and phone-based coaching is available whenever a client decides they’d like to book a call.




I provide habit and accountability coaching services via the platform. not only makes professional coaches available to anyone at a fraction of the cost of a traditional executive coach, but also promotes a much more hands-on approach: my clients can use a website, a mobile app, or email to interact with me on a daily basis rather than just attending one or two coaching sessions a week.

Additionally, although I focus on productivity and accountability I have trusted colleagues on to whom I can refer clients who need help with fitness, health, finances, or a multitude of other goals.





In this digital day and age, it is possible to unchain yourself from you corporate job and create a business that can be run from anywhere. All you need is a laptop and an internet connection.

I have put in place systems that utilise solid business opportunities ranging from Amazon and physical products to digital products. We can work together and create a plan that suits you and start building a side project that has the potential to provide more than your day job plus time and freedom.

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I strongly believe that we are here for a reason. I am here to help others find their way. We can work together and unlock your true potential.



“My goal was to eliminate the busy work of email and become more effective at getting the things done that matter the most to me. Peter did a nice job of sharing his real-life experiences of what has worked for him including tools and processes. I made a few adjustments to how I work with his recommendations and it’s made a great impact.”
“I’m really glad I’ve hired Peter as a coach on Inbox Zero as I have managed to clear my Inbox after months of frustration. My gmail is under control now and Peter helped setup a routine for managing my email more efficiently. Peter gave me simple instructions and introduced me to new software that makes a huge difference.

Having a clear Inbox free of promotional emails allows me to focus on the important emails without feeling overwhelmed.

— Christine
“Peter has been coaching me on writing 3 positive things and has really helped me change my focus. He was very responsive and provided very useful advice every time I needed it.
I have found really useful the complementary call as well.
I would recommend Peter to anyone struggling to focus on the positive aspects of life.”
— Maria

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